BM7036 Business Plan Analysis Assignment Help

10 Jan 2024

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BM7036 Business Plan Analysis Assignment Help

Assignment Brief: Business Plan Analysis

Module Title: Module Code: BM7036

Word Count: 4,000 words (+/- 10%), excluding references and appendices)

Submission Deadline: 26/01/2024 12:00pm

*Report should start with Professional Cover Page and Contents Page

Overview: The Business Plan Analysis assignment is designed to assess your ability to critically evaluate and analyse a comprehensive business plan. As a master's level student, this assignment will require you to apply advanced strategic management concepts and frameworks to assess the viability and effectiveness of a business plan. The chosen business plan should be from a real-world organization, either a start-up or an existing business, and should be sufficiently detailed to allow for a comprehensive analysis.


1.      To critically evaluate the key components of a business plan, including the executive summary, market analysis, operational plan, financial projections, and risk assessment.

2.      To apply advanced strategic management theories and frameworks to assess the strategic alignment and coherence of the business plan.

3.      To identify potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the business plan, and provide strategic recommendations for improvement.

4.      To demonstrate a deep understanding of the interplay between business strategy, planning, and execution.

Submission Guidelines:


                    Submit a 4,000-word document in a standard academic format (Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1.5-spaced).

                    Include a bibliography with proper citation of sources using a recognized academic referencing style (e.g., APA, Harvard).




-                      Consistency: Aspects such as paragraph spacing, alignment, font type and size, headings, etc. should be used consistently throughout the document.

-                      Tables and figures can be of great help in presenting and summarizing information and can contribute significantly to the visual appeal of a document, so you may want to use them throughout your report. Should that be the case, make sure they are informative (please, no figures just for the sake of it), legible, and consistently formatted (there are often issues in these areas with tables and figures that are just copied and pasted from the Internet). They should be numbered correlatively, include a meaningful caption, and explicitly state data sources. Axes in figures should be labelled so that data units are unequivocal.

-                      Writing: Keep a professional tone throughout the document. Avoid using first person. Double-check your submission for typos, grammar, and spelling mistakes.

-References: Cite relevant materials in the body of the report and include them in a reference list at the end of the document. Please use Harvard standard when referencing. You can find comprehensive information in how to cite different types of materials correctly at

Remember that the Writing and Learning Centre at Bath Spa University is located in Newton Park Library, and can help you in producing a high- quality report. Please check


Originality: You must submit your own original work, and cite external sources whenever relevant. Plagiarism (including self-plagiarism) is a serious breach of academic integrity, and will be dealt with accordingly. Please check Bath Spa University’s policy on this issue:

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