Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for explains why and how we collect, use, store and/or share the details that you provide when using our services, like visiting our website (the website) and approaching us in various relevant ways like marketing, sales or other events.

This privacy policy provides a detailed explanation of our policies and practices that you must understand before using our services. Kindly carefully review every section to understand your privacy rights and choices as our service user. Please avoid using our services if you don't agree with our policy and practice. Alternatively, if you agree and want to use our services but have queries or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at

Information we collect

Personal Information Provided by the User: We collect information that you, as a user, provide when registering with us to avail of our services, get information about our products or services, participate in events related to our products or services, or otherwise contact us. The personal information you provide includes the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Usernames of registered users
  • User’s email
  • Account Password
  • Contact number
  • Gender
  • Birthday date
  • Testimonials
  • Order details
  • Education, profession and expertise-related details
  • Additional files uploaded by you to our website.

Please note that all information you provide during registration must be true, complete, and accurate. You must notify us beforehand of any changes or updates to your personal information.

Sensitive Information: Kindly note that we do not process sensitive information or entertain any such activity.

Social Media Login Data: We give you the option to register with us through your existing social media accounts, such as Google, Facebook, and other accounts. Whichever platform you choose to use, we will receive your profile details from the social media provider. The type of information we receive from the social media provider varies by platform. Still, it generally includes your name, email address, and other information you have chosen to publicize on the particular social media platform. We will use the received information for purposes as described in our privacy policy or on relevant services as told to you. Kindly note that we do not control and hold no responsibility for third-party social media providers' other uses of your personal information. We recommend all our users review the privacy policy of their social media providers to understand how their information is collected, used, and shared online and the ways to set privacy preferences on different sites and applications.

Automated Data Acquisition: Our website automatically collects information when you visit or use our services. Although no details of your identity, such as your name and contact details, are revealed, it may include information about the device and usage, like the IP address, country, location, Cookie id, language preferences, browser and device information, referring URLs, and information about when and when you use our products and services, and other technical details.

Such information is primarily collected for maintaining security and the operational activities of our services and for other purposes like reporting and internal analytics. Like several other businesses, we collect information from cookies and similar technologies.

Payment Details: We use a third-party payment processor for order placement. The payment processor processes your payment that we collect, use, and process, abiding by the privacy policy norms.

How your information is processed

Our website processes your information for multiple reasons, which again depends on how you use our services. Some of the cases include the following:

  • We process your information to create, authenticate, and manage your user account. That way, you can sign up to create an account, log in whenever required, and keep it running.
  • Information is used to facilitate and deliver services the user requests. We may process your details to offer the requested services and for order management.
  • We may process your information request feedback and communicate with you about our services and the use of our products.
  • We may process your details to respond to the raised queries and solve potential issues you might encounter while availing of the requested services.
  • We may process your information for sharing administrative details about our official services, products, changes and upgrades in terms and policies, and other important information.
  • We may process the information you send for marketing purposes to send or establish marketing and promotional communications only if it is as per your marketing preferences. You can unsubscribe from our marketing updates at any time you prefer.
  • We may process your information as part of our initiative to secure our services with fraud monitoring and prevention.
  • We may process your information to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and design the best campaigns relevant to your needs.
  • We may process your information to protect your best interest and secure you from potential harm.
  • We may process your information for archival purposes during a legal case in order to prove events, like in the establishment, pursuit, or defence of claims, relevant to our legitimate interest.
  • We may use your information to respond to you when you reach out to us through email, contact forms, or chat bots.
  • We may de-identify, aggregate, and/or anonymous information collected through our services and website to ensure no information is no longer linked to your identifiable information, like your name and email address. Kindly note we may use anonymised and aggregated information for purposes like research and marketing and may share such information with third parties at our discretion.
  • We constantly work to improve our website, increase your interest in our products and services, and the analytics. We may analyse and monitor the information you provide us during registration, cookies and usage data for details like the date and duration of your last visit, the type of device used, your location, and other relevant information related to the website use and the web traffic.
  • We may use your information for analytics to understand customer engagement and determine the needed features to enhance customer experience and develop useful features to streamline our services.
  • We may also use external compliant services to carry out different polls and surveys, to which you are not obliged to respond. Moreover, we may process your shared data and cookies to optimise and provide relevant advertisements based on your previous searches. However, you are not obliged to respond to them and can opt out anytime.
  • We may process user data, including communications, to respond to any form of dispute or complaint against the website.
  • We may process payment information that complies with the applicable legal requirements of accounting and finance. We may also process information from the platform related to legal concerns raised by you or another person and body for the sake of defence and/or establishing our legal rights.

With whom do we share your personal information

Our website does not share, sell, or transfer users' personal information to any outside party. However, that excludes the third parties we use to run our website and provide you with our online services and products. That said, be sure that such collaborations only occur if all parties agree not to share, sell, or transfer customer information they receive from our end. Here are some parties we may share your information:

  • Subcontractors:

We work with subcontractors, such as hosting service providers, technicians, IT specialists, ‍website service providers, claim adjusters, advertising and marketing specialists, accounting and bookkeeping offices, and legal advisors, to process personal information, manage technical infrastructure, and ensure proper functionalities of the website. Be sure that all subcontractors work and process information in accordance with the instructions listed in our contract.

  • Advertisers & Intermediaries:

Advertisers and intermediaries may process certain data to select suitable advertising content for display based on the available information in cookies and other online identifiers with personal data.

  • Payment Intermediaries:

Once you pay for our services, your payment details will be shared with our payment intermediaries.

  • Legal Compliance & Protection of the Company:

We may disclose certain information as permitted by law and this Privacy Policy in any of the following scenarios:

  • To respond to customer service requests
  • To respond to claims that suggest us violating the rights of a third party
  • To enforce our privacy policy or any other contract that includes investigating potential violations
  • To comply with the legalities
  • To safeguard the rights, property, and/or safety of our company, agents, associates, users, and the public, including collaborating and exchanging information with other companies or bodies for fraud, malware prevention, and other similar conditions.

By sharing your personal data and agreeing with our privacy policy, you permit data transfer and processing for the purposes listed in this privacy policy. 

Legal bases for data processing

As explained, we only process data in ways that depend on your use of our website and products. Depending on the circumstance, we may use and process your information upon one or more of the following legal bases.

  • Processing is done with your consent. We will process your data for a purpose only after receiving permission from your end. You can also withdraw your consent anytime by contacting us at
  • Processing is done to extend our Services as mentioned in our Terms and Conditions. We will process your data to make sure we fulfill our contractual obligations by providing you with the services you have paid for.
  • Processing is necessary for achieving legitimate interests, but do not overweigh your fundamental rights and interests. Some of the legitimate interests are:
  • Website promotion through social media, media outlets, and affiliates, like influencers and bloggers
  • Compliance with accounting and financial legislation
  • Assessing the company’s business efficiency through the analysis of website traffic and financial performance indicators
  • Experts’ verification and fraud prevention to ensure personal data protection and improve user experience
  • Compliance with legal obligations where necessary in order to cooperate with the regulatory agency and law enforcement body, defend and exercise legal rights, or disclose information as litigation where we are associated

In all cases, you will be notified about the applied legalities for processing your personal data on a certain legal basis. We will also inform you if we cannot do it in accordance with our obligations under the specific legislation.

Please know that we only process information when it is required for legal reasons under the applicable law, but with your consent to provide you services, or meet contractual obligations, to meet the business interests and to protect your rights by complying with laws.

Relevant data use legislation of different countries

For users in the EU or UK

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK GDPR, we must explain the bases on which your personal information will be processed. We may rely on the following legal bases for data processing of the EU and UK users:

  • Consent
  • Performance of a Contract
  • Legitimate Interests
  • Legal Obligations

In these regions, you have fundamental data subject rights along with the right to withdraw consent applicable under the GDPR.

  • Right to be informed (GDPR Articles 12 to 14): You have the right to be informed about the collection and use of personal data.
  • Right to access (GDPR Article 15): You have the right to view and ask for your data copies.
  • Right to rectification (GDPR Article 16): You have the right to request to update or correct existing information.
  • Right to be forgotten/Right to erasure (GDPR Article 17): You have the right to request data erasure. However, be aware that this is not an absolute right and may vary by law.
  • Right to data portability (GDPR Article 20): You have the right to ask for data transfer to another controller. The data should be provided in an electronic format.
  • Right to restrict processing (Article 18): You have the right to request the suppression/restriction of your data.
  • Right to withdraw consent (GDPR Article 7): You have the right to withdraw previously given consent to date processing.
  • Right to object (GDPR Article 21): You have the right to object to data processing.
  • Right to object to automate processing (GDPR Article 22): You have the right to object to automated decision-making or profiling.

EU and the UK charge a heavy penalty for regulated personal data collection, which starts from 2 million EUR or 2% of the company's turnover, violating laws for the year preceding the violation, whichever is higher. The penalty is doubled for repeated violations.

If you want to exercise any of these rights, be sure to contact us immediately. We will consider and act upon your request at the earliest following the applicable data protection laws.

For users in Canada

If you are a user from Canada, kindly note that we will process information only after getting your consent on processing or using your personal data for a specific purpose or in situations for implied consent. Note that you can withdraw your content at any time.

In some cases, we may have legal permission under applicable law to process your data without consent, such as:

  • If the collection is for an individual's interest and we cannot obtain consent on time.
  • If the collection is necessary for assessing, processing, and settling an insurance claim for a witness statement
  • If it is reasonable to expect collection and use with consent would compromise data availability and accuracy, and the collection is reasonable for investigating a breach of an agreement or an infringement of the Canadian province or laws.
  • If an individual produced it during the course of their profession or business, and the collection is consistent with the purpose of data production.
  • If the collection is for sole purposes like art, journalism and literature
  • If the data is publicly available, specified by the regulations.

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is a federal law for protecting privacy. It sets the ground rules for handling users' personal information during commercial activities. We abide by the fundamental principles of PIPEDA and ensure accountability, identifying purposes, consent, accuracy, safeguards, limiting collection, openness, individual access, limiting use, disclosure, and retention, and challenging compliance.

The Privacy Act (RSC, 1985, c. P-21) governs how the federal government manages the data it collects and the uses of personal information from its employees and the general public. The Act gives an individual inside or outside Canada the right to request data access held by the federal government and request correction. The legislation is presented to protect individuals' privacy and provide them with the right access to their personal data.

Canada's Anti-spam Legislation (CASL) is the federal law that handles spam and other electronic threats. It is responsible for investing in false or unsolicited electronic messages, alteration of data transmission, and deceptive marketing practices.
Unregulated data collection or collecting data by violating the applicable laws can bring an individual a hefty penalty of up to CAD 100,000 under PIPEDA and CAD 10,000 under CASL.

For users in the USA

California residents' privacy rights

California Civil Code Section 1798.83, in other words, "Shine the Light" law, permits our users, who are residents of California, to request information from us once a year without any charge. The personal information would be in categories we disclosed to other parties for marketing purposes, and the personal information, like the names and addresses of all the parties with whom we shared data the preceding year. As a California resident, you can place similar requests by sharing your queries with us through our contact information provided below. In case you are below 18 and have availed of our services, you can write to us to remove unwanted data or public posts on the services. Contact our team immediately, and remember to include the email address you used to register and a residential statement suggesting you are a California resident. We assure you that none of your will be publicly displayed on the availed services. However, kindly be aware that data will not be completely removed from our systems for legal, safety and other factors abiding by the law.

CCPA privacy notice

Under the California Code of Regulations, a "resident" is:

  • Anyone who is in California for the temporary or transitory purpose
  • Any individual domiciled in California outside the state for a transitory or temporary purpose. If either of the definitions applies to you, ensure you abide by certain legal rights and obligations related to personal data.
Rights under the CCPA

The CCPA provides California residents with specific rights for the protection of personal data, like the following:

  • Right to notice: You have the right to get notified before data collection. You also have the right to which categories of information are being collected and processed and for what purpose.
  • Right to request: You have the right to ask us to disclose information to you regarding data collection, use, sale, sharing, and disclosure of information for business purposes.
  • Right to say no or opt out: You have the right to say no to the sale of personal information. NOTE: WE DO NOT SELL YOUR DATA TO THIRD PARTIES.
  • Right to delete: You have the right to request us to delete your personal data. Once you confirm, we will delete your records unless an exceptional situation arises. We will also direct our network providers to do the same.

However, we may deny obliging to your request in case your data is necessary for us for any of the following situations:

  • To complete the transaction, provide the requested services, take anticipatory actions for your ongoing professional relationship, or otherwise perform our contract with you.
  • To help ensure security and integrity, use your personal information reasonably and proportionately for the necessary purposes.
  • To debug products in order to identify and repair unintended errors in the existing functionality
  • To exercise free speech to ensure another consumer’s rights in exercising their free speech right or other legal rights

California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (Cal. Penal Code § 1546 et. seq.)

  • Engaging in public or peer-reviewed scientific, statistical, or historical research for public benefit while adhering to the applicable ethics and privacy laws when deleting data may seriously impair the achievement of research that you had previously given consent.
  • Enabling solely internal uses aligned with your expectations based on your relationship with our team.
  • Complying with a legal obligation ensures no one is discriminated against. You have the right to exercise your consumer rights without any discrimination. Moreover, you can exercise your rights in the following situations:
  • Denying your services or products
  • Providing unacceptable or different quality products or services
  • Charging different rates, use of discounts, or imposing penalties
  • Suggesting you will receive the products or services at a different level of services
  • Correcting inaccurate personal data on request. Once you confirm the request, we will correct your details in our records.
  • Limiting the use and disclosure of sensitive information. That said, be aware that we don't use or disclose any sensitive information to other parties.

Exercising the CCPA Data Protection Rights

As a California resident, you can exercise your CCP right, and to do so, contact us with the details shared in the last section below. In case you are an authorized agent submitting the request on behalf of a consumer, you should have a copy of the written authorization signed by a particular consumer.

After receiving your request, we will verify your identity to determine if you are the same person on whom we have all the necessary information in our system. To verify, we will ask you certain questions or request you to provide certain information that matches your previous information shared with us. For example, we may ask you for information we already have, like your phone or email address. If required, we may use another verification process to determine your identity or authority to make a request. If you cannot verify the primary identification information, we may ask for more safety and fraud prevention information. We will delete all the additional information after the verification.

US Penalties

CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)

Violating the CCPA can bring civil penalties of up to $7,500 for every violation. In case of willful violation, $2,500 per violation, while for advertent violation after notice, 30 days are offered to find a cure. A user can seek statutory damage of $100 and not more than $750 per consumer in every occurrence, or actual damages, whichever is greater, brought by them for violating security breach.

VCDPA (Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act)

If the processor continues to violate the VCDPA forms after 30 days of the cure period, or if the professor fails to comply with a written statement by the Attorney General, the Attorney General will announce action on behalf of the Commonwealth. S/he will seek an injunction to prevent VCDPA violations and a civil penalty close to $7,500.

CPA (Colorado Privacy Act)

According to the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, a violation is an act of deceptive trade practice. Even though the CPA does not have a fixed penalty amount, the Colorado Consumer Protection Act does and stipulates a penalty of $20,000 per violation.

UCPA (Utah Consumer Privacy Act)

Under UNPA, the Attorney General has enforcement responsibilities, and the entities must be informed in writing of the suspected violations and given 30 days to correct them. They can file a lawsuit for uncured offences and seek damages and civil fines of $7,500 from the consumer for every violation. Even though there’s no private right of action, the local privacy laws are preempted based on stature.

For users in New Zealand

Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA)

HDCA is intended to deter, prevent, and lessen harmful digital communication, cyberbullying and harassment. Furthermore, it suggests that digital communication should not:

  • Disclose sensitive information
  • Be obscure or offensive
  • Be grossly indecent
  • Be used for harassment
  • Make false allegations
  • Break someone’s confidence
  • Encourage someone to send harmful messages deliberately
  • Encourage someone to harm someone
  • Be used for demeaning others on the basis of colour, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability and sexual orientation.

The Act empowers users to take action against the alleged breaches and resolve the issue with the help of a suitable legislative body.

Anti-spam Law/ Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act (UEMA)

The main intent of UEMA is to identify spam sent from, to, or within New Zealand. This Act allows users to raise complaints against the company sending spam messages. The company can also be fined for spamming with SMS, faxes, email and other instant messages. However, please note that UEMA doesn’t cover the following:

  • Telemarketing
  • Internet pop-ups
  • Warranty information
  • Response to a quote
  • Confirmation of a previously agreed arrangement
  • Employment-related or benefit information
  • Services or products related to the previous purchase
  • Factual information about an ongoing membership

Consent doesn’t end by clicking “unsubscribe." A business can use an existing database with previously given consent. However, you can complain if you continue to receive spam despite unsubscribing or not giving consent. In such cases, a business can be fined up to $500,000 for compensation for the losses.

Privacy Act 2020

The Privacy Act 2020 aims to promote and protect individual privacy by giving effect to international privacy standards and providing a framework for ensuring security for personal data, including your access to information and practicing other rights and interests. There are 13 privacy principles related to data storage, use, collection, and disclosure of information, and an individual's right to access personal information and request correction.

Penalties in New Zealand for the unregulated collection of personal data are either NZ$10,000, the cost of damages from such a violation, or the blocking of the resource.

For users in SAR (South African Republic)

Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013

The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 assures to:

  • Promote personal information protection processed by different bodies
  • Introduce specific conditions for establishing minimum requirements for personal data processing
  • Provide  for establishing an Information Regulator for exercising certain powers and performing duties in terms of this Act and the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000
  • Provide to issue codes of conduct.
  • Provide for people's rights regarding unsolicited electronic communications and automated decision-making.
  • Regulate the flow of personal information across Republic borders for connected matters.

Cybercrimes Act No. 19 of 2020 ('Cybercrimes Act')

Under South African law, cybercrimes are treated as a criminal offence. The Act mandates everyone to clearly understand the regulations before prosecuting them. Cyber extortion, cyber fraud, malicious communication, and unlawful access to the computer system are some of the cybercrimes listed in this Act.

Furthermore, unregulated collection of personal data that is collected by violating the applicable law can invite the following penalties:

  • Fine and/or imprisonment for a maximum term of ten years
  • Fine and/or imprisonment for a maximum term of 12 months

The amount of the fine is from EUR 10,000 to EUR 520,000 in the equivalent.

In addition, from February 1st, 2022, data collection can begin only after obtaining the appropriate permission from the owner of such data. Therefore, it is necessary to install a pop-up on the site that will appear when entering from the territory of South Africa, which will request permission to collect and process and only after that let on the site.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not extend our service in Australia

Also, as mentioned earlier, you have the right to withdraw your consent for data processing following the applicable law. With us, you can withdraw your consent at any time by reaching out to us at or using the contact details mentioned in the last section of this privacy policy.

Furthermore, you can opt out of marketing and promotional communications by clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE option or contacting us. You will be immediately removed from the regular marketing list. Nonetheless, we may still contact you if we have to communicate with you regarding your service, administration, user account, and other non-marketing purposes.

For updating or changing your account information or terminating your account, you can contact us whenever required. Nevertheless, if you wish to do it on your own, you can: Log in to your account > go to account settings > update or change your user details. You can follow similar steps to terminate your account. Once we receive your account termination request, we will delete or deactivate your account and information from active databases. As mentioned earlier, we may retain some information for fraud prevention, troubleshooting problems, future investigations, enforcement of our legal terms and/or compliance with applicable legal requirements.

Linking third-party websites

The services linking to third-party services, websites, or applications may contain advertisements from third parties with no affiliation with us and may link to other online platforms. We do not guarantee about the third parties and don't take liability for any kind of loss or damage caused by using such third-party sources and platforms. Even including a link towards a third-party platform does not imply any endorsement by us. In such cases, we cannot guarantee the privacy and security of your data shared with third parties, including websites, applications, and other sites linked to the services. You are advised to review the policies of third-party platforms and contact them directly in case of confusion.

Cookies and related tracking technologies

We may use cookies or relevant tracking technologies, such as web beacons and pixels, to access and store data. Cookies are small data files placed on the computer or mobile when one visits a website. Using cookies and similar technologies, we aim to improve and personalize your user experience, enhance our services, and analyze website performance for marketing activities.

List of Cookies We Use

  • Essential Cookies: Cookies that are useful for the system's functioning and improve core functionality, authentication, connection stability, security, and more. You can always block cookies on your system, which will likely affect how the websites function.
  • Analytics Cookies: These cookies help you to identify the popular pages and how visitors navigate the site. We use them to calculate visits, check traffic sources, and measure and improve our website's performance.
  • Marketing Cookies: Some third-party service providers and advertising partners manage advertising on other websites. These parties use cookies through our site in order to provide you with advertisements on other websites based on one's interests and preferences.

Although it's highly unlikely to control the use of cookies at the individual browser level, you can turn off cookies to limit the use of specific features of a service.

For how long do we store your data?

We store your data as long as necessary for purposes we have discussed in this privacy policy unless a longer retention period is permitted by law, like tax, accounting, and applicable legalities. When we no longer have legitimate requirements for your data, we either anonymous or delete information. In case of backup archives, we will securely store your data and isolate it from further processing until it is deleted completely.

Keeping your information safe

We have taken all the necessary measures and implemented the latest technological and organizational security norms and measures to ensure top-notch data security while processing. However, despite all our sincere effort to protect your personal information, no storage technology can guarantee complete security, so we won’t make unrealistic promises stating no hackers, cybercriminals, or other unauthorized parties can break into our security system to collect, steal, access, modify your data. We do our best to protect your information from unsafe sources. Still, transmitting your data to and from our services should be at your own risk. You should only access our services and products within a safe environment.

Data collection from minors

We do not knowingly collect information or market our products and services to children under 18. When you use our services or products, we assume that you are 18 years of age or a guardian of a minor and consent to use our services. If we learn that a user is less than 18, the account is immediately deactivated, and we take the necessary measures to delete their personal data from our systems. If you know someone below 18 availing of our services or products, please notify us at We will take instant action.

Do-not-track features

Countless web browsers and many mobile operating systems and applications include a Do-not-track (DNT) feature in the system so the user can activate the signal according to their preference and not worry about being monitored or data processing. However, no standard technology has been finalized for recognizing and implementing DNT signals on a larger scale. Due to this, we do not respond to DNT browser signals or other mechanisms that automatically communicate your preference. Despite so, if we adopt a standard for online tracking in the future, we will inform you about the practice and include it in our revised version of our privacy policy.

Cross-Border Transfers

We process your personal information both within and outside the country. Each country has different data processing laws, and we ensure we abide by legal measures to assure high privacy compliance.

Time for Reply and Solution

We will provide you with the necessary information and take action on your request related to your rights within one month of receiving the request. The duration is likely to increase by 15 more days in case of an overwhelming number of requests, complicated requests, or requests that require extensive action. Regardless, we will inform you beforehand of such an extension within one month of receiving the request and the reason for such delay.

Account Assessment for Customer Support

In special instances, like getting customer support, our support team may request your account access. In such circumstances, they will be able to see your personal data in your account. Please note that we always take users’ permission before accessing their accounts. However, if you don’t permit access, it will delay the process and affect the customer support provisions.

Notifications of Breach

Your providing personal data is entirely voluntary, meaning there's no obligation. Yet, personal information is necessary for creating a user account and availing of our services or using our products. If you refuse you provide information, you will be less likely to get access to all our service features.

In case of a data breach, we will keep you informed. We will notify the respective data protection agency without delay to minimize the possibility of high violations of your rights and data safety. We take the best measures to avert such risks.

Who is the personal data controller?

A Solvemore LTD, a company incorporated under the laws of Cyprus with a registered office at Evi Building, Floor 2, Flat/Office 201, Kypranoros 13, 1061 Nicosia, Cyprus, will be the controller of your personal data.

Upgrading privacy policy

Please note this policy is subject to change with the change of law. We update our Privacy Policy with regular technological updates. You will know our policy is updated with the "Revised" date listed at the top. In case of material changes in our policy, we will inform you with direct notifications. Thus, to continue to use our services or products, we encourage you to check this section frequently to stay updated with the latest changes to ensure high data security.

How to contact us

In case of questions or comments about this privacy policy, applicable laws, data safety practices and technologies, or any other queries, feel free to chat with us or email us at